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About us

About us

When you choose to switch to solar energy, with Solar Power GB you'll have a quality thermal panel hot water system or PV solar panel system designed especially for your property.

There's no need to cover the whole roof in solar panels – it is all dependent on your needs.  An average family household needs around four square metres of panels for Solar water heating, but this will obviously change according to the amount of energy you need to produce. 

Not everyone has solar panels on the roof – they can be fitted to frames to stand on the ground, on flat roofs and even fixed to the wall.

The following elements will be considered when designing your solar system: 

  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms you have
  • The number of people who live or work there
  • The roof positioning for optimum sunlight – preferably a south-facing roof, but east or west will work fine.

You can choose between solar photovoltaic (PV) Panels for your electricity or solar thermal Panels for heating your hot water.

Alternatively, Solar Power GB can design your entire system so you will save more money and be even more environmentally friendly. 

If you have the luxury of you own indoor or outdoor swimming pool, but are concerned about the costs of heating it, Solar Power GB can design you a solar thermal system for optimum efficiency, saving you substantial heating costs.  

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To find out more about how Solar Power GB can design your solar system, call us on 0800 7555 317 or send us an email.

In the event of a complaint you can follow the RECC complaints procedure. Simply click on the RECC logo above to view.

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