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Solar Panels

PV Solar - How can you make money whilst saving the planet?

If you were told that every time you used electricity in your home or business you could be paid for it, you would probably think that was ridiculous. 

But under a new government scheme your electricity provider will pay you back for the green energy you produce.  Solar panels are an even more viable alternative to the environmentally damaging and expensive fossil fuels presently used. 

How it works: 

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels fitted to your roof harness the free and renewable energy of the sun to power your heating, lights and appliances.  

A government 'feed-in tariff' scheme pays you for the electricity you produce – an estimated £900 a year for your solar energy (based on a 4Kw south facing system in Brighton) – in addition to your electricity bill savings.

If your solar panels produce more electricity than you use, it goes back into the national grid for other people and you get paid for this, too.  This payment is also tax free and rises with inflation. 

In order to receive the rate of tariff advertised your building will need an epc rating of band "d" or above.

You'll receive a serious return on your investment as the savings and energy cashback will eventually cover the cost of installation – and more.  Your installed energy meter will tell you just how much you are earning. 

It doesn't have to be sunny to work - your solar panel will produce energy even on cloudy days. 


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In the event of a complaint you can follow the RECC complaints procedure. Simply click on the RECC logo above to view.

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